Still buzzing about the historic test win against England – pretty sure it is not just you or me but the entire nation. What a fascinating match it has been – the game drifted from one side to other at every session – Test Cricket at it’s very best. Every game in this England tour of Bangladesh has been entertaining – it had everything in it – Good & poor cricket, passion, emotion, heartbreak, disappointment, happiness – everything you name it.

All these would not have been possible without the efforts of England board and the players. With all the hiccups before the tour with regards to the security, at one point it seemed like the tour would have to be cancelled. Few players deciding not to travel raised further uncertainty for the tour to go ahead and kept everyone at the edge – especially for the Bangladesh fans who have not seen the tigers play for about 10 months or so. Leaving all the backstage drama behind, England, decided to tour Bangladesh unlike some who decided against – No names!!!

A very big thank you to England board and the players who were part of this Bangladesh tour. Both teams deserve huge credit as they provided an excellent display of cricket throughout – both ODIs and Test series. Special credit to Bangladesh cricket board and the ones involved with the security for taking good care of the English Team during this tour.

A round of applause for the players, management, officials,security staff and the fans for making this England tour of Bangladesh a successful one.



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